Cromer: RSW16

Sandringham 5

A very distinctive candleholder with a rounded bowl to hold a 2 ½” diameter ball candle. Made in three heights,RSW16/1 - 4 ¼”, RSW16/2 - 6”, RSW16/3 - 8 ¼”.Colours: Topaz, Green, Blue, Clear, Amethyst. Will be found with either of the etched marks, or without an etched mark, and/or with a paper label.

A candleholder to hold either a round ball candle or one with a flat base for a 2" candle made in 3 sizes; 4 1/4", 6" and 8 1/4", with a thin drawn up solid stem. These were made in topaz, clear, blue, amethyst and quite rarely green.



Cromer candlestick with original candle