Sandringham: RSW22

SANDRINGHAM.RSW22. A solid thin stemmed, candleholder that drew on the specialist skills of the Austrian glassmakers that RSW bought over to work in the Kings Lynn factory. Made in three main sizes, although we have found some considerable variation is heights: RSW22/1 - 5 ½” , RSW22/2 - 7 ½” and the RSW22/3 - 9 ½”.

A comparitively simple candlestick, with a delicate and extremely thin, drawn up solid stem, with a small bowl at thhe top to hold a 3/4" candle.Sizes seem more random, although the samllest is 5 1/2" tall, and the largest is at 10", with variations in sizes between.

Colours were in the usual pallette of topaz, green, blue, clear and amethyst, with Lilac and Alexandrite examples being harder to find and again some variation within the main colours, probably due to the colourings being hand mixed.