A candleholder which is probably RSW's most well known design.

Produced in various hieghts with between 1 and 9 'discs or rings' on the stem, difficult to produce, and neccesitating 2 workers, especially tricky in the larger sizes, as each section was applied piece by piece.

Iinitially made in dark green, dark blue, amethyst and clear, the topaz colour was added later.



Sheringham candleholders: RSW13

Candleholder / Posy vase: RSW58






A later addition by Wedgwood to the candleholders was a 'fireproof' (although the labelling states that the flower is immflammable and must be removed before the candle is lit) and 'washable' Flower,made in 2 sizes, one to fit in the Sandringham and a larger size to fit the wider tops of the Brancaster and Sheringham, these were life-like,multi petalled and available in green, lilac, sapphire and white, to co-ordinate with the colours of the candleholders.A further variation on the theme was the 'Floral Candlesticks' this was a delicate ceramic flower stuck onto the side of the bowl of both the Brancaster (RSW615) and the Sheringham (RSW622).