Candleholder / Posy vase RSW58

A candleholder or posy vase with a ribbed body and a ‘waisted’ shape, this is frequently mis-described as a Hyacinth Vase.

Made in the one size at 4” tall and in all five colours: Topaz, Green, Blue, Clear and Amethyst. The top is sheared, and rather prone to tiny chips.

Can have either etched mark, be unmarked or have a paper label.


Whorl: SG602.

This rarely found candleholder has a flared rounded bowl, made in only one size at 3 ½” tall.

This piece will take a 2” flat bottom candle or a 2 ½” diameter ball candle, and of course it’s descriptive name derives from the whorl, or twisted form of the solid base, which was also used for a tall and narrow Bud Vase, that I believe was produced earlier at Lemington Glass.

Colours: Topaz, Green, Blue, Clear and Amethyst. Can have either etched mark.


Candleholder / Posy vase: RSW58