Is It RSW?

This section presents an opportunity for you to send us a photograph with a description and ask 'Is It RSW' ?. You may also send a link or item number of a piece offerd for sale on Ebay.

If we are at all uncertain we will then post the details on the site and ask other site users to contribute their opinions, we by no means claim to know-it-all !!.

Please include the height and diameter and if there are any etched marks to the base, sometimes the etched marks can be very feint and difficult to see. I have bought several pieces sold as 'unmarked' and later found a mark. So it may be a good idea to use a magnifying glass to check, it will obviously help determine if Wedgwood Glass were the makers or not, although the earlier Kings Lynn Glass and Lemington Glass pieces generally had a paper label which often gets removed over the years.

You can see examples of etched marks and labels under Marks.


??? - Yes

Amethyst vase

This is a vase which at first we were not quite sure of.

Thanks to Graham Cooley it was later confirmed as a studio vase designed by RSW.

Studio vases