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Here follows a few links to sites which we have found either useful or just very interesting.

Glass messages

This is a great site frequented by many knowledgeable people who freely give their time to answer a very wide variety of questions - related ofcourse to glass.


Glass Encyclopedia

Just as Angela Bowey says on her site:

The Glass Encyclopedia is intended to be the ultimate reference source on glass. It covers a list of topics that will be increased and up-dated regularly, building up to a fully comprehensive glass encyclopedia on-line.

Each topic has its own page and contains a definition of the topic with interesting background and history. There are also pictures, references to other on-line sources and articles, and suggested books on the topic. See the list of topics below, and come back often to see the new topics we will add.


This is probably the first website to specialise in the designs of Ronald Stennett Willson; it gives a very good view of his work.


DK Wedgwood/Ronald%20Stennett-Willson/1

This site contains some beautiful photographs.

A few more links


Ofcourse we can't forget Ebay