Ronald Stennett Willson
An exhibition of glass designs from 1954-1980.

From the Graham Cooley Collection.

It may be 'just' a pamphlet but it contains many beautiful colour photographs of the work of RSW.

It was written by
Lesley Jackson and contains thirty pages.



There are three main publications related too the work of Ronald Stennett Willson. Two are written by RSW himself.

The third is a catalogue made for an exhibition of glass designs at the
Fermoy Gallery in King's lynn.

All three are out of print but they occasionally come up for sale on Ebay and can sometimes be found on the websites of Secondhand booksellers.
Modern Glass published in 1975 is the most widely available. It is a very interesting read and contains many photographs of RSW´s designs.


The Beauty of Modern Glass

by R. Stennett-Willson
The Studio Ltd., 1958.

9 x 11.5 hardcover book with 128 pages and nearly 500 b/w photos and 7 full-color photos. A great survey of 1950's European Glass.

From the publisher¹s description: "In the last ten years has occurred a revolution of thought, experiment and achievement. Glass manufacturers led by visionary European producers, have looked at glass and its uses in the new age with fresh eyes directed to modern needs."


Modern Glass
by Ronald Stennett-Willson
London: Studio Vista, 1975

160 pages including index.

Comprehensive introduction describes what happens in a glass factory and there are pictorial accounts of important glass making techniques.

Over 200 illustrations, 34 in colour. Many of the photographs supplied by Wedgwood Glass.

Photograph from Modern Glass showing the third stage aftyer quiality control, the matt edge is melted by a series of gas flames to give a soft polished finish. © Studio Vista

R. Stennett-Willson:
The Beauty of Modern Glass.

Glass Design
Simple Pieces
Table Glass

Designers include
Hilkka-Liisa Ahola, Gunnar Ander, Lennart Andersson, Masakichi Awashima, Jacob E. Bang, Ercole Barovier, Edna J. Batham, Geoffrey Baxter, Elis Bergh, Marie Bergkvist, Kjell Blomberg, Herman Bongard, Monica Bratt, Artu Brummer, Rut Bryk, Georges Chevalier, A.D. Copier, Gillian Crowther, Michel Daum, E.M. Dinkel, J.C. Downing, Carl E. Erickson, Clyne Farquharson, S. Fogelberg, Kaj Franck, Simon Gate, Hugo Gehlin, R.Y. Goodden, Ernest Gordon, Ian Gordon, Edward Hald, David Hammond, W. Heesen, James Hogan, Erik Hoglund, Saara Hopea, Kozo Kagami, Theodore Kappi, Paul Kedelv, Jan Kotik, John-Orwar Lake, Marc Lalique, Fritz Lampl, Nils Landberg, K.W. Lessons, Vicke Lindstrand, Vera Lisková, Tyra Lundgren, Ingebourg Lundin, Per Lütkin, Dino Martens, Deanne Meanley, F. Meydam, Lucrecia Moyano, Keith Murray, John Nash, Mrs. Gunnel Nyman, Doreen Norgrove, Edvin Öhrström, Bengt Orup, Sven Palmqvist, Arthur Percy, Flavio Poli, Gio Ponti, Milos Pulpitel, Stephen Richard, Charles Richards, G.D. Robinson, Greta Runeborg-Tell, A. Salmenlinna, Oysten Sandnes, Timo Sarpeneva, Jyunshiro Satoh, Ase Voss Schrader, Rudolf Schwedler, John Selbing, Sven Swakonius, Sir Matthew Smith, Mrs. G.L. de Snellmann-Jaderholm, C.D. Stanier, R. Stennett-Wilson, Irene Stevens, Nancy Still, Reynolds Stone, Gerda Strömberg, Maurizio Tempestini, Duncan Terry, George Thompson, Tiffin Glass Masters, Helena Turpeinen, Helena Tynell, Iep Valkema, Milena Veliskova, Paolo Venini, Milada Vikova, Sidney Waugh, Don Wier, W.J. Wilson, and Tapio Wirkkala.