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Along with any suggestions on how we improve this website; photo's and information about Ronald Stennett Willson are very welcome.


fruit bowl

Fruit bowl


5 Bulbous

Complete series of 5 bulbous candlesticks


It's great that you have already found this site but as you can see it is still as they say 'under construction'. We hope to have it finished soon but as it's something we have to do in our free time it could take a few weeks.

We are two collectors of glass designed by Ronald Stennett Willson and although we now have quite a few pieces there are many items we don't have; therefore if you have any photographs or actually any information at all on RSW we would love to receive it.

Please send an email to Chris:

We will also be making some gallery pages where you can show your collection; however few pieces you may have.


2 twisted stemmed candlesticks


Date: 05-11-2008

At the moment we are busy adding text. Hopefully we will be almost complete before the end of the month.